Elephants, Rhinos & “Not Saving” the Earth

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Yesterday I found out that a rhino orphanage I care deeply about was broken into and the staff held hostage while two orphan rhinos had their faces cut off to take their horns.

And while a tremendous wave of sorrow stayed with me through the night, by morning an even greater fire had been lit within me.

I also could not help but wonder at the timing of this show I had created the night before. For it was all about the rhinos and the elephants and the change that is required now more than ever.

If you are the kind of person who watches this show, I know some things about you:

You want to leave the earth better than you found it.

You don’t want to watch species like elephants and rhinos and whales become mythical creatures of the past.

You don’t want to see the coral reefs disappear.

You don’t want animals to be treated cruelly or slaughtered inhumanely for sport.

The question is almost never if we agree on what we don’t want, the question is much more, what do we do about that? Where do we go from there?

One of the energies I have come to be clear on is that the energy of fighting often fuels the very thing we are fighting against.

What does it look like to change things by contributing? What contribution can we be to a thriving sustainable living earth?

I had the privilege of visiting a highly protected rhino orphanage in South Africa last year with Suzy Godsey and Stephanie Richardson. And then again in January where we met a tiny elephant.

These creatures fueled some really cool conversations. I’d like to invite you to be part of them.

Join me for an episode of Cocktails & Consciousness… all about the animals and this planet we love.

P.S. If you’d like a vulnerable conversation right after I found out about the rhino killings, here’s my Facebook post. Sometimes it’s nice to know I’m just a real person trying to figure this all out beside you. Watch here.

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