Extraordinary Communication

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Have you ever thought something that someone else then said? Or known that someone was lying even though they said all the right things?

We’ve all had moments of psychic communication. The questions is how much do we allow ourselves to trust it? And invite more?

My guests this week have an extraordinary way of communicating that is far beyond words.

Glen Sheppard is diagnosed with high level Autism and Down syndrome. He has created a life far beyond what anyone in the medical field thought possible. Glen is a published poet, author, dynamic facilitator and presenter whether with individuals or groups. He is also completing a University Degree (he’s successfully completed a Major in Creative Writing and is currently studying Global History).

Delaney Delany is a brilliant facilitator who has been working with clients with special abilities in the areas of creative expression for decades. After 17 years of psychic communication with Glen and others, she now trusts and leans into their communication style… one often without words.

Join this week’s Cocktails & Consciousness for a conversation about creativity, song writing, joy, connection and oneness.

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