Goodbye Santa Barbara – Here’s to Following

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The moving truck arrives tomorrow.

After 9 delicious years in Santa Barbara… this sassy chapter is now officially closed.

There isn’t a why with letting go of this house. It was just a yes. It was time.

Time to live in one city. Time to maybe put down some roots. Time to plant a garden.

Forget the reasons. Just time.

We all have areas of our lives where we function from more consciousness than others. One thing I have always functioned from, with an often unwarranted and fearless trust, is to follow.

That looks like saying yes when it’s a yes. And knowing it’s not up to me to sort out the how and the next and the why.

I realize I have always been willing to jump. And it is the single thing that has lead me to the most magic and adventure and growth.

Following is how I moved to Santa Barbara
and how we will leave.
It’s how I got my horse
and my house,
my enjoyable other
and my equity card.
It is how I met John Blair
Got Milo home from Costa Rica
And how I travel in the world

Its really how I’ve really created my life.

I’ve realized that every time I choose, that muscle gets a little stronger. I trust me more. I trust the universe more. I know that I can.

The house isn’t the only change right now. EVERYTHING is changing. Big big change. (Word on the street is that’s not just me).

With so much shifting, I use this as a reminder to exhale and close my eyes and listen. To listen and listen then trust. I invite you to listen as well.

You know.

I know.

Somewhere we all do.

So here’s to more following.
To more whispers.
To more bravery.
To even bigger yesses.

Wherever it may happen to lead.

Hasta la vista SB! We be tappin out!

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