When Life Doesn’t Give You What You Think You Want

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So we were just denied for the house I really wanted… and it’s so light!


There is something really magical that happens when you really get clear that it isn’t your job to figure out “how” or “when” what you are asking for will show up.

What if you could really trust you?

And trust the universe?

And not be attached to what it’s going to look like?

Ron and I looked at each other after getting the news and said “Huh. For all we know they did us a huge favor.”

It seems to me that giving up control is both where the freedom lies and also where the adventure begins.

Maybe we will end up in Africa or Spain?

Or maybe we will discover it’s kinda nice to just live in a small town for a bit.

Or something totally different.

Not our job to figure out the how.

So bring it on Universe 

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