Lowering Your Barriers- A Weapon to Disarm

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What do you do when you feel completely judged, attacked or misunderstood?

Well, if you are like most people, or like me, you pretty much throw up your barriers on auto pilot, ready to counter-attack or defend.

I was talking to a friend today who received an email he felt was attacking his work. And he got so stuck by it. There was nothing he could think of to say or do that wasn’t either defending or somehow taking on the judgment that he had screwed up and was wrong.

And so he bounced back and forth, beating himself up while not believing he was wrong while secretly believing he must be wrong.

Receiving judgement can seem like one of the most uncomfortable sensations in the world. And it’s not something most people are very good at.

We seem to be taught that barriers will help make us invincible and allow us to keep creating. “I don’t care what you think” is usually the general energy that accompanies mine… And onwards I go.

The reality is, barriers don’t only keep hurtful energies out, they keep ALL energies out! In truth, every time you chose that, you are also choosing to keep yourself separate and stop yourself from receiving anything at all.

The lie is that if you put your barriers down you will be weak and will be hurt.

The truth is that is you put your barriers down, and choose to be truly vulnerable and present, with no defense and no alignment or resistance in your universe, you will become truly unassailable.

I’d like to show you an exercise that I find incredibly powerful.

It’s an exercise in the power of lowering your barriers. The choice to lower your barriers (as it truly is both a choice and an action and something to practice).

It is something I remind myself all the time.

It is something I choose more and more often.

And it is something I know that if you choose, will serve as one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

It is truly the weapon to disarm.

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