My Name, The Verb

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I was hiding in the coat closet of the restaurant I worked at, stealing a conversation on my cell with my dad.

He was in one of his bizarre manic phases and was talking a million miles a minute. “I gotta go Papa. I’m at work.”

“Wait! Before you go… You know your name is a verb, right?”my dad asked.

“Sure Papa, hey, I gotta get going.”

“It’s a verb” he stated again. “Not a noun. It means to open. Blossoming. It’s not the flower. It’s the verb. It is ever expanding. That’s who you are. Never forget that. You’re a verb. Okay, go blossom.”

I will always remember that conversation.

I had never thought of it really. A noun or a verb. One was beautiful and fragrant and delicate: an object. It was what people meant when they’d tell me “You look like a Blossom.”

The other was a possibility. An opening. To flourish. To develop. To unfold and to grow.

To me, blossoming is the adventure of living and the joy of continuous change. That was what my father saw in me. And in that acknowledgement, he gave me more of me that day.

Is blossoming a cheesy title for a blog? Perhaps 🙂 And yet it is what I continue doing as I change and question and uncover on this beautifully crazy planet.

It’s also what I invite you to play with me here!

If just one of the tools I share invites you to look at life with more joy and possibility, then blossoming is a success!

What if you are at the beginning of unfolding into what you only dared dream was possible?

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