Permission Granted

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So this writing workshop I went to last week with Elizabeth Gilbert & Cheryl Strayed… It was soooo juicy.

We did a lot of 5 minutes writing exercises. Stream of consciousness. Just whatever came out.

One was to write yourself a permission slip, written by the principal or ultimate authority of your life, as though they are writing yourself the ultimate hall pass.

Permission to do and be absolutely anything you have ever been waiting for permission from anyone for.

I thought you might want to take 5 minutes to play with it yourself. I found it really freeing and fun.

I’ve posted mine below.

Feel free to share yours in the comments. Or just share what came up for you.. if you wish.

What is it you desire to be or try or seek or change?

Permission officially granted!


Dear Blossom,

I am your authority. And this is your permission slip:

You no longer have to explain yourself…
To anyone.

No why.

You know. You choose. You did. You are.
That is all.

You now have a license to enter all conversations happening on this planet. Without invitation. Without credentials. Without permission. Without apology. To comment. To question. To contribute. To poke.

You may say what is true for you and let others work out their own discomfort. Or not. Their choice.

This slip comes with unapologetic carte blanche to:

Love your body
To stand alone
To fuck things up
To have nothing to say
To change your mind
To not be sure
To get it wrong

To disappear from the path of great importance.
And reappear on the path of wherever you are.
To accomplish nothing noticeable.
To sing off key songs.
To sit very still.
To wear yoga pants

To pay change fees on airlines because you have changed your mind.

To break all rules that never applied to you in the first place.

To compare yourself to nothing.

To care. Or not care.

This pass comes with total credence to be all the “toos”: Too happy, too lucky, too confident, too rich, too connected, too enthusiastic, too talkative, too too too.

Consider this a hall pass to do whatever the fuck you know you must do with this beautiful life.

For it is yours.

And you know.

I trust your instincts.

I trust your heart.

You can’t get this wrong.

Permission to play!

Yours Truly,
The Principal

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