The Good Kind of Surrender

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I’ve been thinking about surrender a lot lately.

I was taught the word first in terms of war. When you surrender you are done. It’s over. You lost. The enemy has prevailed.

By when you return to another older definition of surrender, you find more the energy of “yielding”.

It gets soft.

That kind of surrender is like letting go of the rock you have been holding onto so tightly and allowing the river to take you with the current.

It’s full of allowing. Of breathing. Of grace.

We have these electric assist bikes that I love riding. I can go straight up hills or on crazy long rides.

But I realized the other day that they actually won’t assist you if you are already going over 20 mph.

You have to slow down a bit. To let the assist mode kick in.

How much of my life has been like that I started to wonder?

Where I’m going just a little bit too fast to receive the assistance, see the shortcuts, or hear the whispers of ease?

Is there anywhere you could substitute some good old fashioned brute force for a question followed by some letting go?

I’ve asked for the life I desire. Directed. Connected. Meaningful. Rich.

This is the part where I let go and let the current lead the way.

Do we trust it? The universe? God? That it will kick in and do its part?

Perhaps that is the underbelly question, hiding smugly under all that force.

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