Thank you for the f*ck you

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I had a very… um…. unusual interaction with someone on my mailing list today.

Our email conversation (with commentary & unedited adult language):

Me: sent an email about being in Paris with some free videos with tools for relationships to my list.

Him: “fuck you”

(Now truthfully, I would normally say “ass hole” in my head, hit delete or unsubscribe and then somewhere subconsciously wonder if something in my email was unkind or pushy. Yes, insane, but honest. For some reason, I felt like replying.)

Me: “Is that a request to unsubscribe from my list or just a request in general?”

Him: “Again. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Most Sincerely”

Me: 🙂

Him: (This is the interesting one) “You know, you are first lady in your business that ever responded after I gave them a “fuck you” in the last 25 years. Business must be slow. Have a good day anyway.”

In my business?! In the last 25 years?!

Can I just tell you how much my universe opened up reading that?

This wasn’t about me. (Which of course I “knew” but somewhere I still wanted to make it about me).

Oh no. I had actually met a person who literally signs up for lists and then routinely writes “fuck you” to whomever emails them! And he has been doing it for 25 years!!!!!!


And this is why I’m sharing this…

People are crazy. Or can be.

People are mean. Or can be.

What if it wasn’t your job to care, but only to create?

This interaction spun me into an amazing level of gratitude for the life I get to live and create. That I CHOOSE to live and create. And for the fact that we always have choice.

I don’t have to spend 25 years telling people to f off. And I don’t have to contract when others tell me that either.

me: “I actually just found it curious. Sounds like it’s a regular reply of yours from the email below. I wonder why you sign up for lists only to say that? Perhaps life is slow? Let me know if I can contribute. You have a good day as well :)”

And I meant it.

I did wish him a better day! Or a better life than he is having.

Or maybe that just works for him, and that is fine as well.

Either way… I deleted the email smiling and clicked “unsubscribe”.

It wasn’t my problem.

I was free!