A Wonderful New Phrase: M’ap Swiv

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An unexpected phrase entered my life a few weeks ago that has not left my mind.

M’ap swiv.

It’s a Haitian Kreyol word used as a reply to “how are you?”

It means “I’m following.”

It’s the only reply that has felt true to me recently. There is no other great word.

I’m not “good” or “ok” or “fine” or “not great”.

I’m following.

Following the threads of what I know.

Following the glimpses of what is light.

Following my intuition and my questions and my day.

What would it take for that to be my answer to how are you for always?

What would it take to always be able to honestly answer “m’ap swiv”?

Thank you Wendy Goodman. Your email to me was such a gift.

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