Yowser! My Body Can Do WHAT!?

Wowser! I did my first aerial drop today. And my first cross-back straddle.

And if you have no idea what those are, that’s ok. Picture two things that if you asked your body to do them your body would answer “hells no!” And that’s what they are.

One is getting your butt straight over your head while hanging by your hands from fabric a million feet in the air, and the other is managing to wrap it all just right so you can let go of everything and tumble down.

But the point is this…..

I just started taking these classes with a slew of super acrobatic high school girls. And I SUCKED at it.

And I kinda thought I’d NEVER be able to do it.

But then… today… I just kind of could.

And I’m exhausted and bruised, but I’m wondering… what else does my body know how to do?

What other impossible things can I add to my life?

What if you were willing to suck at something until you didn’t?

Time for some champagne and a toast to tenacity!