Understanding Type- Free PDF

This PDF was created by the The Human Design Collective to help you understand your type within the Human Design framework.

To find your type, you can run your chart for free at https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart.

Upon first encounter with Human Design, especially if it is transmitted casually and without regard to its depth, it can seem like one of many simplistic typing systems that reduce people down to simple labels.

When we talk about Type, Strategy and Authority in Human Design, however, we are not talking about who you are. These simple types and the recommendations that go along with them are addressing the form, the body and the way the aura (energy field) is designed to operate. The energetic system and the aura functioning of any human is limited to just a few variations.

Living according to type, however, is just the doorway to a great depth and specificity which Human Design reveals as well. When we operate in alignment with the body through the aura, the uniqueness of each individual is able to express itself.

Understanding the types provides a way of accepting ourselves and others and treating each other with respect. Most importantly, it opens the door to the very specific life and purpose we were born to live.

An expert from Understanding Type by Amy Le & John Cole

Human Design Foundation Reading

May I show you your unique map?

Foundation Reading –  This 75-90 minute reading is a thorough investigation and synthesis of the first layers of your unique human design.  Session includes (in Human Design jargon): your type, strategy, authority, authority channel, definition, openness and profile. 

In other words— we will look at what characteristics are consistent in you, what ideas about yourself you may have taken on from others, the place within yourself you can trust when making decisions (it’s different for all of us!), the frequency that you walk around the world with and what all that means to your unique life path and purpose.

If you are interested in experimenting with your design, the Foundation Reading is the place to start. A Foundation reading is required for ongoing coaching or more advanced chart analysis.

Before booking a session, please contact Blossom with the time, date and location of your birth.  If it feels like we are a good fit, I will send you a link to book.

Blossom is a IHDS Certified Analyst & Living Your Design Guide.

Coaching Session with Blossom

There are times when we all require a little more input and assistance!

“Know thyself.”  “Be you!” It’s great advice, and sometimes easier said than done.  With all of the conditioning we have each grown up around, it can be hard to know what is your unique path, and what has been handed to you by others.

Blossom’s sessions combine her extensive background in facilitation and coaching with a very intricate tool called Human Design (an incredibly nuanced, astrology related energetic map).  Using your own design, Blossom is able to share insights or ask you questions that may helps you to surrender to and fully embody the life you are here to live.

Coaching sessions may reference your Human Design birth chart, the current transits or larger themes such as life cycles or your connection with other individuals.  They may also include large doses of compassion and grace as you learn to fully surrender to and accept who you truly are. 

These sessions will always be brought back to your own authority.  You alone know how to live as yourself.   

A Foundation Reading is required before you can book coaching sessions.

If there is something you are ready to look at and get that a private session with Blossom could be a contribution, please use this contact form and include a few sentences about what is going on for you right now along with your time and place of birth. If she thinks she can contribute to you, you will be directed back to this page to book.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length, unless otherwise scheduled.

Blossom is a IHDS Certified Analyst & Living Your Design Guide.