Understanding Type- Free PDF

One of the first elements of your Human Design chart to understand is called Type.  Download your free copy of this PDF to learn more about what this means and how this self knowledge could contribute to you as you navigate the world.

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This PDF was created by the The Human Design Collective to help you understand your type within the Human Design framework.

To find your type, you can run your chart for free at https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart.

Upon first encounter with Human Design, especially if it is transmitted casually and without regard to its depth, it can seem like one of many simplistic typing systems that reduce people down to simple labels.

When we talk about Type, Strategy and Authority in Human Design, however, we are not talking about who you are. These simple types and the recommendations that go along with them are addressing the form, the body and the way the aura (energy field) is designed to operate. The energetic system and the aura functioning of any human is limited to just a few variations.

Living according to type, however, is just the doorway to a great depth and specificity which Human Design reveals as well. When we operate in alignment with the body through the aura, the uniqueness of each individual is able to express itself.

Understanding the types provides a way of accepting ourselves and others and treating each other with respect. Most importantly, it opens the door to the very specific life and purpose we were born to live.

An expert from Understanding Type by Amy Le & John Cole