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Blossom Benedict is an ardent writer, coach and speaker who spends her life diving deeply into what it takes to live a more present, authentic and joyful life. 

Blossom is dedicated to the idea that in order to change the violence, judgment and hatred in the world, we must each first change it within ourself. This mammoth task she takes up in her own life with honesty and vigor.

Blossom’s life has given her plenty of material to work with: a homeless father, family alcoholism, a childhood on a commune, a history of illness, a propensity for perfection, poverty consciousness and a bit of a superiority complex are just some of the stories that show up through her ongoing quest to live a more conscious, present, authentic, life giving existence.

Believing that anyone can give advice, Blossom’s approach is to seek to create change in her own life, and then share the vulnerable, uncomfortable, messy but often times surprisingly magical awarenesses that bubble up along the way.

Quite comfortable in front of the camera, Blossom has been featured on The Morning Show, Ask Men, Deborah Hutton, San Diego News and is a guest blogger for Maria Shriver. Blossom had her own radio show The Lightness of Change for two years, on World Puja & Healthy Life. 

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