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Your class is probably the first time I EVER felt comfortable being in my own body. I get bits of me, more and more every day. It’s like a remembering who I be. If I’m having any issues letting me through, I go back to the class and just be that energy. Who you be & how you facilitate others is completely inspiring. I have received so much value from so many of the things you shared. Your energy & invitation allowed me to wake up and choose something for once. So, I have been choosing some different stuff and it’s so much better than worrying and not choosing at all.

Patricia Kinch

You were brilliant in your class!  Your facilitation is so graceful and looks effortless.  I want to be just like you when I grow up? LOL  Just so much ease….wonderful.

Susan Yakima Shatzer

I finally ‘woke up’ and acknowledged, I’ve been creating this whole time, just not in traditional areas instead, I’ve been creating my new business! Thank you!

Kim Lucien

Blossom Benedict has a beautiful ease about her. She immediately welcomes you into her space and treats you like a friend. You cannot help but enjoy her magical giggle that cascades from her body as children’s do. Her class has the appearance of a gentle conversation and a few fun exercises but thrumming beneath is a potency that if chosen can change everything. As she plays around morphing herself into whatever is required of her you will be drawn to play along. In short this class everything you choose it to be.

Cassy Summers

As your name itself suggests you Blossom and that is a great Benediction. You literally inspire. You are a walking, talking, living inspiration within that frame of your body. Wish I had heard you before.

Samarpan Ananda

Thank you for showing up in my life. If you ever get a down day think of me. I want to live, be happy have joy & be a contribution. So very different than before. Thank you for seeing me. I’m a different me because of you.

Patricia Tintner

Thank you so much for this show. It hit home such that it made me cry.  It made me see how much I’ve been hiding my capacities. I now have these wonderful tools to bring me to myself again. Thank you, thank you, Blossom!

Lisette Cevallos

Your processing and facilitation was life changing.  I am still amazed at what showed up for me and the truth that the Universe has my back!  That moment on stage has been profound.  My life is forever changed!  With Total gratitude!

Lona Smith

The class this weekend helped me finally move into a place where I was ready to launch my business.  I realized that I was stuck in creating complications and excuses and realized that it could be easy– I just have to start wherever I am at.  5 days after the class I’ve put my message out to the world and I feel really really good about me and my new business as I believe it’s not only an invitation but a requirement for me being who I truly am but also an invitation to other.  WOW!

Cynthia Okimoto

Blossom is one of those incredibly rare people on this planet who invites you to step into everything you knew was possible for you. Her kindness, gentleness, and true caring is something to experience!

Cynthia Torp

Our class changed me in so many ways. Watching, being part of breaking down barriers & being invited to a NEW possibility was breathtaking! Your kindness, grace & gentleness with this invitation made it incredibly easy to choose ME!...

Linda Adamowski

THANK YOU! Thank you for being the lightness that you be, the kindness that you be, the gratefulness that you be, the joy that you be, the fun that you be, the space that you be, the consciousness that you be, the spunkiness that you be, the sweetness that you be, the strength that you be and the genuine invitation that you be!! Thank you for ALL that you be!! I see you and I am so grateful!!  

LeAnn Miner

You are just amazing. Your explanation of how words have power over us assisted me to understand prejudice & bigotry. Will listen over and over! Just so grateful to you…words cannot describe the fullness in my heart for the change...

Karen Morency

You are turning my life around & I am so grateful.  I am so much happier, plus I am learning to make choices in a way I didn’t know how to before. You are a wonderful gift to the world & I really look forward to your emails....

Cath Hunter

Your class was truly inspiring for me and in a way gave me a lot of clarity. The things you talked about immediately found a resonance within me. Thank you!

Sarika Sethi

Words can not express the gratitude I have for you! I am walking taller & overall willing to be energies I truly be! I’m involving my body, asking what capacities my body has that I’m not acknowledging and ALOT has shifted!

Linda Wasil

Your work in the “war with bodies” workshop has been amazing! You have incredible insight and awareness to the causes beneath what is happening within us.  I, for one, have found great value in  working with you.  I appreciate your openness also so we feel encouraged to share our challenges. Keep up the awesome work!

Pepper Freye

Totally NOT what I expected! Blew my creation space & what I thought creation was wide open! This class was amazing & catapulted me into so much more space! Thank you, Blossom! You are an amazing creative being & facilitator!

Bettina Medini

You created a space of vulnerability, honesty, kindness and transformation for each of us in the class to truly step into our true selves even more and it is such a gift! You are incredibly brilliant!!

Nicole Enge

I learnt so much, not only about myself, but about my capacity to create in my life. It’s almost as if I met myself for the first time. And every time I got a chance to talk to you, I had all these things that I wanted to say to you, but then it would all just dissolve into nothingness when I was next to you.  You had this wonderful energy of openness and receiving – it was awesome! I had never experienced that before. It changed my whole perspective on what it means to just be and have no point of view. You have been such a gift to me. Thank you so much!


This cloud of judgment no longer follows me around, and it doesn’t precede me either. What an amazing week! I am so incredibly grateful for you, your facilitation, your kindness and what you have created with these tools! Thank You!

Sophie Belliveau

I am truly living the life I would like to live now, without holding myself back.  I am grateful for my friend that invited me to go see Blossom, and so grateful to Blossom for gifting me myself.

Abe Enab

So much gratitude for Blossom Benedict and the amazingly kind people at this weekend’s workshop. I stepped into a space free of judgement, free of measurement and filled with wonder and possibility.

Rachel Silber

So grateful for YOU! My world is upside down and I just love to play in this new space I stepped into and wonder what’s possible now? And so grateful for the inspiring beings who showed up yesterday to choose more of them & let go...

Kerrie Reithmayr